Mix and match

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The very best packaging, tailored to your wishes

Mix & Match is a comprehensive packaging with your very own look & feel, tailored to your wishes in every detail. Mezzo assists you from the idea to the complete product on the shelf and we act as an independent party. Perhaps your wish is based on a packaging issue, or you simply want a brand new packaging: with our products, knowledge and expertise and our extensive network, we can provide the very best solution.

Combine new design with standard

The sky’s the limit. We combine new design with standard in a single packaging and all other possible combinations. Bottles and jars in PET, PP, PE or glass, combined with a dosing system such as the Mixable Cap or the Flower Cap or a different cap or closure, with or without the seal or tamper evidence. Pouches and tubes can also be combined with any type of closure, cap and lid in all sizes and volumes. At your request, we can add a logo in relief. For decoration and finishing, you can choose from labels or sleeving, also including the cap or closure in the cap sleeving.

Key details – we have the overview

We oversee all aspects of the process. From screw thread to connecting the new packaging to the existing filling line and combining all components of your packaging. With our knowledge and experience, we complete the entire process together: production, filing, decoration and logistics. Things that are perceived as details can turn into real problems if overlooked. We know the way, guiding you through the options, ensuring efficient completion of the process from design to shelf.

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