Dosing systems

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Easy dosing, more branding and fun

Mezzo provides smart and trendy dosing caps, dosing closures, dosing systems and on-the-go solutions for sports, juices, diets, vitamins and the water and dairy markets. A set quantity of powder or concentrated liquid is packaged airtight with a cap or closure until the moment it is twisted or pressed in. That action is always a fun and special moment. Our dosing closures and dosing caps are also suitable for healthcare and pharma packaging.

Variable dosing or proportional dosing is possible with closures fitted with a large dosing chamber on the bottle. The consumer measures the exact quantity before pouring it out. No mess and no waste. That makes a variable dosing system like our LiquidDoser a sustainable and safe solution.

Why choose a dosing system?

  • The convenience of a dosing system or dosing closure
  • Your product in concentrated form reduces waste
  • Prolonged shelf life
  • No measuring cup or spoon required
  • You always dose the right amount
  • The best branding for your product
  • It is hygienic
  • It broadens your market, like Cedevita did
  • It is special and fun!

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