Cedevita success

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Europe’s first concept in on-the-go dosing closures

Together with our client Atlantic Grupa and a team of designers and engineers, Dennis Teunissen director and owner of Mezzo,  was at the cradle of the first on-the-go solution, the Cedevita dosing closure. This dosing technology won the technical UK Starpack Award.

Big in south-eastern Europe

Before Atlantic Grupa decided to market Cedevita Go, this brand was already big in Croatia. The vitamin product was sold in baggies, soluble in water. The company decided to broaden the marketing of the brand by developing an on-the-go solution, packaging the powder airtight in a dosing closure on top of a bottle of mineral water. Now, every gym and petrol station has a fridge with Cedevita Go. The product is also available in all supermarkets in Croatia as well as in other countries in the region. The product is also marketed in Germany and Australia.

Cedevita Go

  • Vitamin powder (9 vitamins), packaged in the cap
  • Mix with water after twisting the dosing closure
  • Shake the contents and drink
  • Winner of the technical UK Starpack Award

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