Flower cap

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Our latest patented technology in dosing closures

The team that worked on the Cedevita dosing closures was also involved in designing the Flower Cap. In this dosing closure with just two parts, we have integrated a wonderful, extensively tested and patented dosing technology. Ready for production.

Customised to your product

What does your product and market need? Together, we give this closure and the bottle all the features that support and reinforce your product, such as size and content of the dosing closure and the bottle details. Ultimate customisation with your own individual look & feel. Packaging with this dosing closure is distinctive on the shelf.

Damp-free and airtight in the cap

Your product is packaged damp-free and airtight under the seal until the cap is pressed in, mixing the powder or concentrated liquid with the liquid in the bottle below. So no need for additives to extend shelf life.

Flower Cap, your next generation

Just press the button
  • Patented technology with just 2 parts
  • Fully developed and extensively tested
  • 100% custom made, tailored to you
  • Powerful branding and shelf impact
  • Fun and joy
  • Extended shelf life
  • Powder or liquid in the cap
  • A dosing chamber with your chosen volume
  • A closure in your own colours and look & feel
  • Complete printing or sleeving, packaging and filling
  • Certified production facilities
  • For pharma, probiotics, vitamins, sport, health and kids’ products

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