ViCap System

Striking packaging with your own look & feel

Our ViCap System of dosing closures is synonymous with quick quality. Your product in a bottle with this dosing cap, designed in your own look & feel in terms of colour, labelling and sleeving, can be on the shelf in a surprisingly short time. And this packaging has very high shelf impact.

Press the button and mix: experience and fun

Bottles with a dosing system or dosing closure give your product strong branding. Both kids and adults love watching the powder or liquid drop into the mineral water or other liquid. Whether it is lemonade, a sports drink, probiotics or other product.

Extended shelf life

The powder or concentrated liquid and the water are kept separate until the moment they are mixed, giving the product a longer shelf life and precluding the need for additives.

ViCap System, quick quality

Ready to mix
  • Powerful branding and shelf impact
  • Fun and joy
  • Extended shelf life of your product
  • Broaden your market
  • The product in the cap, powder or liquid
  • Ready to mix after pressing the button
  • Dosing chamber with 12.5 ml liquid or 7 grams of powder
  • Quicker time to market
  • Certified production facilities
  • Bottle with 38 mm opening
  • No investment in die or filling lines
  • Complete printing, sleeving, packaging and filling
  • Our advice and support in the entire process
  • Suitable for probiotics, vitamins, sports, health, kids