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It genuinely makes us happy to connect dynamic entrepreneurs. We are experienced in packaging and sales. Within Europe, we have a solid network of packaging manufacturers, decoration specialists, branding agencies, design agencies, logistics service providers, contract packers, FMCG brands and retailers.

For us, the Mezzo method means working on product packaging with joy, with heart and soul, taking your integral business management into consideration.

Our team

Dennis Teunissen

Dennis Teunissen

0031 (0)6 22 79 30 99

Always in packaging

Anyone who has been part of the packaging world for a while knows Dennis Teunissen, the owner of Mezzo. His presence is simply impossible to ignore, with his positive energy, openness and warmth. After a career at Bandringa Plastics – the forerunners to Plasticum Group – Dennis founded Teamplast with two partners in 1995. The company quickly grew into a successful European packaging manufacturer, designing and manufacturing many award winning packaging.

A born networker

It was his conviction that you have to seize opportunities together in order to bring them to fruition that inspired Dennis to establish the Dutch Packaging Association (DPA). In 2015, inspiring customers, spotting opportunities and the simple pleasure of customer contact led to his decision that Mezzo should focus specifically on the entire process relating to packaging: from custom-made dosing, dispensing and complete pack to complete product supply.

Marc van den Maagdenberg

Marc van den Maagdenberg

0031 (0)6 48 92 41 87

Calm in the creative cocktail

A cycling enthusiast from the south who isn’t easily riled and who’s always open to change. Marc gets on well with all kinds of people and keeps his cool at all times. He brings structure and calm to the creative cocktail called Mezzo. Marc is an experienced strategic marketer and project leader in the packaging industry. In his view, Mezzo’s strength lies in the personal, the team and in its own network of specialists. He always enjoys translating the resulting ideas and projects into clear structures and plans.

Full service outsourcing of your packaging

Marc: ‘Obviously the focus is on the packaging itself, but we’re at home in the whole chain from design to the shelf for national and international brands. Mezzo has the ability to rapidly assess needs and combine supply and demand through an extensive network of good specialists. As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to concentrate on the quality and manufacture of your product. Full service outsourcing of packaging and logistics is then ideal. And that’s what we’re good at.’

Thomas Hössel

Thomas Hössel

Mezzo D/A/CH
0049 (0)176 80 05 11 42

Global team player

From his perfect English, you can tell that this German team player is experienced in working all over Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Thomas is a great person and a pleasure to have around. In his daily contacts with customers, he always has a positive approach. He likes to spar with his partners at Mezzo, is particularly keen on innovations and has experience with a vast range of packaging. Besides consumer packaging, Thomas special fields are the cosmetic market, where innovation and speed to market is leading, and the pharmaceutical market, where safety, quality and sustainability are the main aspects.

New packs, new ideas

Thomas: “Mezzo brings new packs, new ideas to the market. And we don’t just sell packaging; we have innovative packaging solutions for our customers – packaging with added value and complete project management.”

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