Joy, heart and soul

For us, the Mezzo method means working on product packaging with joy, with heart and soul, taking your integral business management into consideration.


From design to shelf – fun in packaging

Mezzo supports you throughout the process from creative packaging design to production and distribution. Using the MezzoMethod, we bring logic to your filling line and logistics. The key to all this is joy. We derive energy from customers we enjoy working with.

Dosing systems and total packaging

We know all about smart and trendy dosing caps, dosing systems and on-the-go solutions for sports, juices, diets, vitamins, pharma, healthcare and the water and dairy markets. We develop dosing systems which extend shelf life and which are distinct from other packaging based on their functionality and fun. Mix & Match is a comprehensive packaging with your very own look & feel, tailored to your wishes in every detail. We combine new design with standard in a single packaging and all other possible combinations.


Energy and fun

Adding value. Selling your product better based on higher shelf impact and logical functionality. That is Mezzo’s idea of job satisfaction, certainly when collaborating with customers we enjoy working with. They give us the best energy.

Updating and resolving problems

Our strength is innovation. Presenting your product in a different way. We resolve packaging issues, restyle packaging and develop complete new packaging. We also work with smart technical concepts such our dosing systems and Mix & Match comprehensive packaging, which are about combining a new design with standard.

Keeping an eye on all your departments

We know how things work in food concerns and companies in health products and cleaning agents. We recognise the enthusiasm that marketers and sales people have for wanting to market products creatively and as quickly as possible. And we understand the targets and challenges that your company’s buyers face. We are happy to work with your packaging experts or involve our own.

A single contact and managing together

Mezzo is at the heart of the process, keeping in touch with designer, decorator, production, filling plant and logistics. Specifically and directly. This is how we prevent any ‘noise’ in the communication. Together, we make sure that your product packaging is functional and striking and marketed with solid logistics support and at a financially responsible cost. Everybody happy.

Our working method

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A single point of contact

From the concept to the brand new packaging on the shelf, and all the practical steps in between: Mezzo coordinates and manages your consumer packaging through every phase, including production. A single point of contact and true customisation. We know how things work, make the connections and manage the process, from initial design, production and filling line to the shop or supermarket.

You give the input, we provide the solution

What do you need, what do you wish to achieve with your new packaging? Identify your need, within your specific market. Once that is clear, we can get to work. You give the input, we provide the solution.

The non-binding Quick Scan

In an introductory interview, our team reviews your packaging request or issue. Is it time for an improvement in the functionality of your current packaging, for example by means of a dosing system or a redesign, or does your product and market require a brand new packaging system? In this quick scan, we chart your request, requirements or problem.

Brainstorming session with results

The initial orientation is followed by the brainstorming session. The designers and engineers join us at this stage. Together, we review the functionality of the packaging: what is technically possible and feasible? This is the basis of the design proposal.

The proposal

The proposal we present after the brainstorming session is a great picture and always feasible in technical terms. This technical specification with a model and/or marketing design presentation gives an accurate impression of the final result. Together with you, we then develop the project into a step-by-step plan. A go/no-go decision follows each phase.


The benefits of project management by Mezzo


A shortlist

  • An experienced team and specialists who collaborate in good spirits with and for great clients.
  • A single point of contact for the entire packaging range: Mezzo coordinates and supplies the project management for the entire process.
  • Reliability in manufacturing with trusted production partners throughout Europe.
  • Minimal risk of packaging issues because the manufacturers of various packaging components work closely together.
  • A transparent project with frequent feedback.
  • Time savings. Mezzo provides all complementary packaging materials such as bottles, jars, closures, sleeves or dosing systems.
  • Complete packaging meeting expectations and requirements

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  •  Does your product deserve unique packaging?
  • Does your product lack visibility on the shelf?
  • Is leaking packaging a problem for you?
  • Do you need new packaging, but you have no time to search for the producers you need to contact for each individual part?
  • Are you experiencing problems with the introduction in other countries or markets?
  • Are you looking for packaging in which you can incorporate different ingredients, such as powder (or liquid) and liquid separately, so that they are mixed only at the moment of consumption?
  •  Are you looking for innovative packaging that suits your product?
  • Is the functionality of your current packaging inadequate?
  • Is your product ready for restyling, more convenience, such as dosing, dispensing, dripping, pouring or mixing and blending?
  • Is communication with your current suppliers less than satisfactory? Is good consultation an issue?
  • Is it time to switch from using a spoon or cup to a practical, smart and hygienic dosing system?
  • Do you have a packaging idea, but you don’t know how to realise it?
  • Does the user-friendliness or convenience of your current packaging offer room for improvement?
  • Are you looking for packaging for an on-the-go product?

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