100+ Mio Dosing Caps Sold

A solid POC for this unique way to add flavour/function to bottled water. But no fear to improve the dosing cap of Cedevita.

60% weight reduction

New patented design

One part only

Improved functionality

Launch summer 2019  (pica still existing concept) 

No Lime Nails 

Redesign and rethink existing pen and application tip. Make sure active ingredient (with high evaporation rate) and material ensures a shelflife of 36 months.  


New tip, bigger & better

New pen design inspired by stylus Apple

New material compound 

Launch march 2020

Make it Iconic

Phased approach to review and spice-up the packaging of van Wijngaarden's assortment of sauces. Objective: make coherent, ready for the future and iconic. 

Launch throughout 2019/2020

Re-usable Tube

Specific customer demand to review existing design and execute tooling/engeneering/production for a re-usable tube in both 75 and 200ml.

Key in development is choice of compound due to multitude of bulk options and prevent deformation of tube body

Launch june 2019 

Beat the Itch

Total new packaging development (cap/bottle/label) to replace exisiting anti lice product (OTC)

Clever and easy-to-use dosing mechanism within cap

Increased shelflife of product

Maximum efficacy of active ingredient when applied

Launch march 2019 (pica still existing concept) 

From Bag to Bottle

Due to poor performance of bagged solution (leakage and difficult to dose) in need of improved alternative  


New design inspired by EcoCoke

Patented dosing (40ml) mechanism

Barrier proof compound for ethereal oils

E-commerce ready

Launch summer 2019

Just work...

...for one of the greatest brands in haircometics: Keune. 

Proud that we can contribute  - on project basis -  to the packaging development of this stylish and iconic brand for professional hair care products.