We have the Infrastructure and Experience

With our network of 8.500 packaging specialists we have made it our business to improve existing packaging or lead on custom development.

Let us know if you need a partnership to fuel your network or do some serious sparring on concepts, innovation and inspiration. 

If you want to run a (new) development we support you on:

·       MVP

·       Project Management

·       Market Scan & Trends

·       Research

·       Quick Prototyping

·       Graphic design

·       Technical design

·       Sourcing

You will value our experience if you are in need of fast answers or when you require validated knowledge on packaging in case you are less of an expert. We are your flexible packaging partner and missing link between brand and packaging industry. 

Network Based Development

Network Based Development

8.500 specialized independent packaging professionals. Hand picked and vetted for your needs. We simplify complexity. 

Performance Approach

Performance Approach

Only with a well thought-out concept all requirements can be met so packaging performs as it should. Such a packaging delivers a maximum contribution to the success of products.

Better Way to Work

Better Way to Work

Get started quickly. Collaborate directly with your Mezzo team. Flexible to grow with your needs.

Proudly Working With

We believe in Minimum Viable Product 


A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, 

and to provide feedback for future product development.

Gathering insights from an MVP is often less expensive than developing a product with more features, 

which increase costs and risk if the product fails, for example, due to incorrect assumptions.

Think BIG Start SMALL

Think Big

Think Big

By “think big,” we mean that successful innovators consider the full range of possible futures. They make sure they understand the emerging technology context, rather than assume that their current assumptions are right. They’re not too proud to explore their doomsday scenarios, including how new developments might drive them out of business. And, rather than just looking for incrementally faster, better or cheaper products, they dare to dream big. 

Start Small

Start Small

Successful innovators “start small” after thinking big. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon for one potentially big product, they break the idea down into smaller pieces for testing. They don’t allow themselves to make decisions solely on intuition, or allow themselves to lock in on financial projections based on wishful thinking. They defer important decisions until they have real data. 

Learn Fast

And Learn Fast

Companies that “learn fast” take a scientific approach to innovation. They take the attitude that a demo is worth more than thousands of pages of business plans.

They conduct extensive, inexpensive prototyping before they even get to the pilot phase— let alone the big rollout — so they can gather comprehensive information and quickly analyze both what’s working and what isn’t.

They also don’t fall in love with their own ideas. They have the discipline to keep on asking the tough questions and are ready to set aside or alter projects based on what they learn, not what they hope.